Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Rollercoaster Time is HERE!!!

October is here and that means its time to take a ride on the rollercoaster ~~~ the Rollercoaster Yard Sale kicks off Oct 1!

Silver Bell Antiques is located directly on Highway 111 in Byrdstown. If you are traveling the yard sale from Albany, KY to Livingston, TN - you'll be passing right by us!!!

We aren't just pricey antiques, so be sure you make a stop to shop!


Hurricane Creek Candle Tarts

Little Seed Farm Goat Soaps

Watkins Flavorings & Spices

Ruby's Rubbish

Clothes & More Clothes


And of course the Glassware

Saturday, May 2, 2015

For the Love of Mom

Check out our amazing Etsy vendors & a few local crafters for that special & unique Mother's Day gift!

Wallridge Farm is based out of Franklin, TN - Ms. Cindy makes handcrafted cards with a whole lot of character & a bit of vintage flair.

visit WallridgeFarm's Etsy shop here

For the modern mom - ByIndieEtc offers inspirational necklaces from some of our favorite songs - think Mumford & Sons, Johnny Cash, etc. 
visit ByIndieEtc here

FreshPastryStand offers screenprints on tea towels - we were initially drawn in by the Pyrex prints!

visit FreshPastryStand here

H&J Star Creations are handcrafted in New York - purses & pouches with fun geometric prints!

visit H&J here

By Grace - Handpainted pallet & barnwood signs that are sure to make you swoon!

visit ByGrace here 

Miss Patsy's --- well she can just about make anything that involves a stitch! Here are some sweet ruffled aprons just for mom.

And no I haven't forgotten the goats! Hey they sell at Urban Outfitters & West Elm, so who are we to be proud to sell a little piece of TN right here???

A new kind of chocolate for your delight.

This is the last you will see of the Southern Firefly Candles. We truly love their product, but just don't feel that they are at the right price point for our customers...and we have a little something more local in store for you. With that said these candles are all being discounted on closeout - the Pumpkin Latte is delish! 

May just happens to be our Birthday month, so we have a few things up our sleeve. Sales, giveaways, and the unveiling of some new products! Prices are effective May 6

  • Southern Firefly Candles are on sale 40% off - that brings the glass jars to $16.80
  • Hurricane Creek Candles are coming soon!!! Handpoured in B~town ;)
  • Check out our ByIndieEtc necklaces because they will be ON SALE!!!
  • Starting May 6, every purchase will earn you an entry into a drawing for some free goodies! 
  • Ruby's Rubbish is joining the gang - Check Them Out Here
I chose to provide direct sources to our vendors for a couple of reasons. 1) You can see the variety of items available to you, even if we don't currently have them in the store. 2) You can see that our prices are right on spot, and you don't have to pay shipping!!!

Mention a detail about this blog on our Facebook, and you'll automatically be entered for the giveaways!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are possibly the most versatile piece of decor. These tips and tricks will have you thinking about where you can add mirrors in your home!

For rooms with few or no windows, a mirror makes the perfect sub.

Photo Courtesy of Lifestyle in Blog

And no the mirror doesn't have to look like a window to give this effect. Consider a square room with only one window. By placing a mirror on the adjacent wall you can create the illusion of an extra window. This trick is all about light - windows let light in and mirrors reflect other light sources.

For dark and dim spaces, add a mirror behind a lamp or near a light source for added glow.

Photo Courtesy of Milk and Honey Home

Photo Courtesy of BuildDirect Blog

For small spaces a mirror can instantly create the illusion that the room is larger than it actually is. Mirrors reflect the lines opposite of them, so perfectly placed mirrors create the effect that a room continues on. 

Photo Courtesy of Inspired Design Ideas

Ironically, the right mirror can make an expansive space seem smaller. This trick isn't so much about light and line, but about adding depth and warmth to a space as well as filling empty voids. 

Photo Courtesy of Proxima Ltd

The rich gold frames of these mirrors help darken up blank white space.

Mirrors provide truly endless possibilities. The effect a mirror has on a space will depend on its shape, frame, size & placement.

Here at The Bell we have lots of mirrors to choose from. Antique to rustic and everything in between! Our favorite mirror trick has nothing to do with its actual use, but rather an idea of re-purposing. If you aren't into the brassy gold framed mirrors that probably once adorned your homes via Home Interior parties, we have a simple solution - REPAINT THE FRAME!!! It is as simple as removing or covering the glass, picking up a fun color of spray paint and painting away. The best part about these mirrors is that the frames often have intricate details that don't really show up until you put on that fresh coat of paint!

Yep this once had a gold frame, and black is my current favorite finish!

 This is re-purposing at it's best. 
Plus I love this pic because you can see this mirror's own reflection!

Love, love, love this antique mirror.